Pakistan needs you

A tear rolled down my cheek when I watched the footage of seven blasts in Karachi. This was because I am one of those people who still have feelings of patriotism in them, who are still proud of their country and who still believe that Pakistan will have a prosperous future. Being a student of mass communication, I have conducted a number of interviews through which I have come across the fact that now the people, especially the youth, is not at all proud of their country. Their ultimate goal is to go abroad for foreign qualification and stay there instead of coming back to Pakistan, which according to them, is a hell.

I want to ask them that it has only been sixty years to the independence of Pakistan and every country needs ample time for its development. People here compare Pakistan with America. I want to raise this question that America has a history of more than three hundred years. Then how can you compare these two countries. Is this the right solution to leave your country in the hour of need?

Pakistan needs you all. Stop making fun of your country. Stop abusing your country. This is the place where you belong to. Join your hands in the time of crisis. Think about the sacrifices your fore-fathers had made to attain this separate homeland for you in 1947. They had presented the precious gift of their lives for your sake. By cursing Pakistan, you are mocking at your fore-fathers too. You are making their sacrifice go waste. So be proud of being a Pakistani. Pakistan really needs you.

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