Pakistan Government Collapsing?

The Washington Post has reported that President Zardari’s government is near to collapse. Dana Milbank reports that “Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has a problem. His government is near collapse, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the Taliban in northwest Pakistan, and militants are within 60 miles of the capital, Islamabad”.

While President Zardari is on an official visit to US this article means that US Government is pressurizing Pakistan and they are not in a frame of mind to bring to a halt Drone attacks, which are a serious menace for our sovereignty. Americans are using Pakistan for their own interests. They invade Afghanistan and now they want us to help them ruin our own country.

We should learn to be self made and independent for our decisions. We should not be begging from them as it hurts our self esteem as a nation. If it is necessary to have aid than it must be an investment for Nuclear power plants to abolish power crisis in the country or it could be technical aid to equip our technicians and industry workers to improve quality and quantity of products and income too or it could be for better educational facilities so that extremism may come to an end via education. America can help us build our economy and trade with us. But it is a far cry. President can only beg America that please don’t strike at the foundations of my government; I’ll do what you want. I can do anything to remain in power.

I would love to see a Ruler who says that no matter what happens to us we will never beg in front of anyone. We will generate funds for our needs by ourselves. Hoping to see the change.

I would like to borrow words from Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who said about America that,

“Money cant buy you love no matter how much it is and force wont buy you obedience no matter how much it is”

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  1. @ Khadija
    when you post a comment please mention that whom this comment is for.
    words have to be there to emphasize or influence an action. I dis agree that no one is ready to get out and build this country. You can see how people are helping the IDPs whether actors, political workers or organizations.
    we had been targeted by factors to destabilize always but we will emerge stronger after it.

  2. Your argument is contradictory in itself. “America uses Pakistan … Pakistan is asking for money” … well when we are being used, abused and destroyed… we need something to sustain don’t we? More importantly, look at the larger canvas and you’ll realize Pakistani institutions have always been targeted by factors who want to destabilize Pakistan. we have never had the resources to develop anything till the logical, conclusive end. Look around and tell me how many Pakistanis are willing to get out and build this country? Actions vs. words…

  3. @ Hina
    Rest assured of one thing, as long as the players inside the house dont break the rules, no one from outside can cheat you. In simpler terms, if our political forces stick to the level of maturity(well i knw its difficult) in an effort to promote and sustain democratic structure in this country, neither US nor Saudia can do anything.
    I say this because US intelligence is the most non trusted source in the world. Its not the case of WMD(Iraq 2003)that I am talking about, but take any other instance. So the reports are totally baseless. I do agree that Mr Zardari nearly misses all the qualities of a great leader, but what Pakistan really wants is this structure to continue, in an atmosphere of National Consensus.

  4. لہجوں میں ابھی بُوئے بغاوت کی کمی ہے
    ہے شور بہت،حرف صداقت کی کمی ہے

    دل سب کے دھڑکتے نہیں کیوں ایک ہی لے پر
    احساس کی دولت نہ محبت کی کمی ہے

    مال و زر دنیا سے لبا لب ہے اگرچہ
    گنجینئہ شاہی میں ندامت کی کمی ہے

    اس عہد حکومت میں ہے بس ایک خرابی
    اس عہد حکومت میں حکومت کی کمی ہے

    رستہ بھی، بصیرت بھی٬ بصارت بھی میسر
    اللہ کی جانب سے ہدایت کی کمی ہے

  5. @ Shakir Sir
    Is there a way out? They are in Parliment because people voted for them. How can it be change?
    Barak Obama Also promised for CHANGE which is not seen yet.

  6. The aid will not be quickly handled first installment will reach by 2011. The pressure has been built deliberately I agree but it seems that it is to destabilize Government. Things are not as they appear to be. In past when Shahbaz sharif visited Washington same kind of scenario and rumors spread which were denied but within months Musharraf came.
    where there’s smoke, there’s fire

  7. You can’t remain independent if you’re not willing to sacrifice something. In Pakistan, less than one percent of the people pay taxes. Parliament is dominated by smugglers, feudals and thieves. These leaders don’t pay taxes themselves, yet they decide how much we (the tax-payers) should pay. In a sense, we’re not independent, we’re still slaves.

  8. take a step back..pressure is deliberately being built within and outside the US to create a hysteria so that money is quickly handed to pakistan to fight this menace.. so the rhetoric of pakistan as a failed or failing state is as baseless as the notion that america has nothing to do with the creation of the taliban.
    wherein is my second point of your optimistic desire to see change. we have to be the change we want to see. so i’ll encourage you to pioneer what all pakistanis say yet none practically does. secondly, asking america for money to reimburse our military expenses on this WOT is only fair. weren’t they the ones who first funded the birth of menace? it is only fitting that we put an end to this cancer with their money. last but not the least, i agree pakistan has done little to help itself but regional and international conspiracies have always obstructed our path. remember BCCI? “forced to close down”??? things are not what they appear to be…


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