Pakistan First

General (rtd) Musharraf in his first address to the nation raised the slogan of “Pakistan First” and adhered to it till his last address. He claimed that he was resigning in the interest of Pakistan and as such for him Pakistan will always remain First. What ever was the motive behind his exit, his words carried weight and his patriotism cannot be questioned.

One thought that following the precedent set by Musharraf, the honourable CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry will also resign and judicial turmoil will automatically subside with the motto “Pakistan First”, and he will achieve paramount place in the eyes of the nation and join in struggle to eradicate the present precarious dilemma the nation is confronting. Unfortunately that did not happen. A meager sacrifice on his part by leaving aside persona ego could have helped in resolving other serious political, economical and strategic issues which have made Pakistan vulnerable to her enemies, notwithstanding the miseries of common citizens. If, Pakistan can be comfortable without the so called indispensable Musharraf, then why not without CJ Iftikhar. Under the predicament facing the nation it is the high time for lawyer community, particularly Mr. Aitazaz Ahsan and comrades to understand the delicacy of situation and instead of creating panic, help the present government on restoring deteriorating law and order conditions to ensure prevalence of peace and tranquility.

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