Pakistan and Its 55 Years Fears

Then Pakistan had to look over the fears of Kashmir why now that Pakistan is feared by its own people called Shiddat Pasand (Terrorists). What has changed why cannot we have a life without fear. What are the factors that lead Pakistan to this path. Fear of an outsider which India kept facing by many blasts blamed to Pakistan now the same Pakistan is facing so many blasts within Pakistan. Then Pakistan another fear during Iran and Iraq war was blasts and killing of the Shia Sects. Then Pakistan had the blasts and procession against Israel, but now one procession of America and we are against our own people and our own people are killing us in those blasts. The blasts are still there but now we get killed instead of our enemies. What happened were our processions against our enemies like Israel were wrong did we blasted wrongly our enemy India that now a time is there we are blasting our own people.

As Americas war is now Al-Qaeda and Pakistan owes America billions of dollars Pakistan’s war is Al-Qaeda Now when America will finish its war with Al-Qaeda hope politics of Pakistan will not take a turn over and start its previous war called Kashmir now there is no war in Kashmir now only war Pakistan is in is America’s war Al-Qaeda. Whenever somebody gives you money it just not gives you money this can be easily taken from everyday life example when you pay your servant you just won’t like your servant sitting around you do would like to take some work out of that servant one way or the other. Now if America does not give these billions of dollars to our country would the inflation of Pakistan allow it to live as Natural Resources of Pakistan are near to nothing so it can survive on its own without taking some sort of loan, and whenever you take a simple loan even the bank takes interest and high amount of interest we lend a loan to our servants we want him to work a little extra for us but does give the servant a guarantee that till my loan is there the owner will not kick me out. Give a job security. So if we take small examples from our own lives our hatred for America and our following America should reduce as that’s a country that’s providing you money like a lame man would provide loan to its servant, how do you react to your servant when you give loan same Pakistan’s suffering are. Simple things explain complicated things and simple things become complicated.

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