Pakistan Act unwisely

India in its false pretense of the regional super power has been making very unjust demands of handing over men from Pakistan and its accusations are going on without any pause. Now its clear that India wants to use the Mumbai attacks to put more pressure upon Pakistan. How easy for India.

India wants to crush the independence movement of Kashmir using the Mumbai attacks as a pretext, and that is why it is demanding from Pakistan to crackdown on the organizations busy in the struggle for the independence of Kashmir valley from the very long Indian occupation.

Adviser on Interior Rehman Malik said in Islamabad last week that India has given to Pakistan a list of three persons—Maulana Masood Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon—for their immediate extradition. And also Pakistani security forces are doing operation against the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

India still hasn’t given any proof to Pakistan and yet on the American support, they have succeeded in exploiting the weak Pakistani government.

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  1. brother Kashif Salaamo Aleykum,

    100% bravo to you.

    but go ahead and let him abuse us. His argument is flawed. indian intelligence failed them. Their weak police/army (with their 3-knot-3 world war II era rifles) and their govt. failed them.

    they are humiliated…..they wanted to call themselves future power of the world, but they couldnt even stop 10 gunman with AKs high on amphetamines and alchohol.

    10 people held indias richest city hostage…..

    so rather than fix their internal blunders and issues, they CRY like chickens to the media.

    I would like to say that Pakistan is a peaceful country. We want to continue developing our beautiful country with its rich resources. We want to educate our children.

    But BY GOD…..We will defend our country. Every man, women, child, and any other living organism in Pakistan has a DUTY to defend the motherland no matter what the cost.

    if these idol-worshipping vegetarians want to battle it out, we are standing right here with our heads above our shoulders.

  2. @mumbaikar and neutralblog
    Kindly inform me if theres a popular indian blog where I can write to voice my concerns over India Pakistan issue just the same way as you guys do around here. Ah and another fella who has the gutts to abuses us just like that feroz khan did when he came to pakistan and we let him go away with it. Do u people ever realise how wrong you are in thrusting pressure on us? what UN you beat about now where is the UN resolution on Kashmir that your own leadership brought about in ’48? I am sorry to say but you are a nation of cunning and shrewd opportunists who have played havoc and killed thousands in pak, bangla, nepal, maldieves and sri lanka.

    Many Thanks!

  3. Pakistan has not been given any evidence…..all the so-called ‘evidence’ india has — india is refusing to share it.

    why dont they televise this ”evidence” against Pakistan?? Whats taking these hindus so long?

    u bhindians dont know what terrorism is. Mumbai was nothing. There are people in the world who face such realities every single day –from Falasteen to Iraq to Sudan to even Pak-Afghan border (not to mention your army atrocities towards the Muslim Kashmiris under your occupation).

    weve had our share of terrorism in Pakistan —and were not asking for sympathy. We just move on.

    you indian only know how to bitch and whine……inferior nation

  4. let it be known for the audience that there are almost 300 militant outfits BASED in india and fully operational –including hindutva hindu nationalists (supported by BJP) who have waged attacks on Muslims, Sikh, and Christians of india

    indian are scared of us, and scared of militants among their own populace –therefore they want to divert attention…..

    p.s. i dont buy the whole Pakistani connection. The guy doesnt even look like a Pakistani. They couldnt even get his name right (Qasav or Iman???).

    hindus adopting israeli/american tactics….arent they calling this ”india’s 9/11”???

    LOLL……..bloody dalit/brahmin society…i burn the indian national flag

  5. Mumbaiker—

    İ hope you have a good strong coffee in front of this, because i want you to pay attention real close.

    Our Armed Forces are a professional Armed Force. None of our leaders — civilian or military –support terrorism. Those militant outfits are Azzad Kashmiri-based. This is just hindustan’s deflection of attention. Did you notice –that before this attack took place, the Muslim brother/sister of Srinagar and other parts of hindustan-occupied Kashmir were rebelling against indian govt and army.

    U bloody hindus need to learn that Kashmir is not yours. Where is the plebisicite once promised? Typical in india is back-stabbing, lying and diversionary tactics.

    The Republic of Pakistan has no extradition treaty with your hindustan. Therefore, expect no further cooperation from us –as definately dont expect us to send ‘’prisoners’’ your way. Pakistan is not afraid of your ‘’intelligence assets’’ anyways. You should read the article by that hindu bastard Pranab Mukharjee himself. Pakistani ISI has already infiltrated your military and your government and institiutions. I am warning you and other indians not to push us.

    We are peaceful and progressive people. If you piss us off and/or attack us, you can expect a very befititing response. Like I said, ours is a professional army. Your army is accused of rape of Kashmiri women and gold-plundering in DR Congo. What are we supposed to say about all this??

    Bring it on u hindu bastards

  6. People of Pakistan will pay a huge price for their military leaders’ support of terrorism to play proxy war with India. Dawood Ibrahim receives protection because his network knows information about ISI and CIA operatives and informants. Taking him out alone will expose this network. I hope US and Pakistan realize their folly and pull support for collaboration with these shady characters. India will end up developing more intelligence assets to combat this menace. This development only ends up creating support for parallel economies and more underground operations. Talk about unintended consequences.

  7. india sucks….i hope these dalit/brahmin/jaat inferior people learn to take care of their internal affairs before DARING to challenge us.

    Rest assured, any stupid action by indians would be met with grave and proper force. Our Air Force, Navy and Ground Forces will defend the holy motherland against hindu army.

    what happeened in mumbai was wrong….but it is the indians to blame. They are the one who shouldnt be in denial. There security is laugh-worthy.

    60 hours to stabilize a few terrorists with AKs??? Get outta here!!!

    what a joke!!

  8. India hasn’t given proof? You are blind if you cant see what the world already knows. With so much of proof available, you still want to look the other way. Remember that India this time over gave the evidence to every country that was affected by the crazed Pakistanis. These same countries have congregated with one voice at the UN to tell Pakistan to stop export of terror and close its terror factories.

    Pakistani’s are living in a world of total denial. Pakistan can do no wrong is the sort of philosophy that you live with. A peace loving nation you call yourself? HA. That itself is a joke.

    Stop writing on this blog otherwise you give all of us a migraine. As it is you already are the biggest source for the world.

  9. You have got absolutely wrong perception of situation in pakistan and India. These terrorist were nurtured by America in the name of freedom struggle, and america is paying the price for that, now its turn of Pakistan……and see it has already started. Cant u see present situation in pakistan….do you call it a freedom struggle???


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