Pak Fauj Ko Salam

Pakistani nation loved its armed forces before, they love it now and they will keep on loving them, because armed forces have vowed to save the country from aggressors. Nation doesn’t think that the salary, benefits and other rewards are going no where when given to army.

We are ready to give our everything to our army who is the guardian of our country, which was obtained to have an ideal example of Islamic society. The values which army treasures and saves are matchless and paragon.

If due to the policies of some officers in army there is some serious commotion and mass-dissatisfaction, it doesn’t mean that the high-esteemed institution like army has become degraded. Institutes aren’t dependent upon one or two personalities. People come and go, but Institutes remain.

Its high time, we should stand along our institutes instead of personalities whether the institute is army, judiciary, press or any other.

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