Pak Faqeers

At large people in Pakistan are frustrated and they are not in the mood to rejoice. Among many reasons of their unhappiness one can safely be attributed to the lack of financial relief. Many have don’t enough money to make their life easier.

Yes the over all situation in Pakistan is not conducive enough to support the money earning much, but are we trying hard enough? Are we really toiling hard? Are we really putting our all efforts? Aren’t we a lazy lot? Aren’t majority of us just want that someone come and put morsels in our mouths? We like to play the blame game, and we have achieved a mastery over that, and our leaders are a reward to us for that.

The thing is that lack of motivation and thrift is rampant in our dilapidated society, and most of us just want to do nothing. We like to sleep and we like to talk, and when it comes to action, we just puke. We do not want to learn, and after achieving the whooping Master’s degree we think that we have completed our education, and we don’t buy the idea of learning throughout the life.

Another feature of our society is that we mostly rely on our father, brothers, sisters or other relatives for support. If anyone of us get some money, we take it for granted that half of it belongs to us. We think that others should do welfare for us. That is what is reflected in our country’s approach in the cluster of nations, where we are among the biggest beggars.

In these elections times, people only go to public meetings to eat and drink for free, and many cast their vote because they get paid for it. What’s the value of this vote? Zilch.

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