Out To Defend ZarPak Policy

Asif Zardair and Hamid Karzai with Barack Obama

It was hardly a month ago that US President Obama came out with his AfPak policy. Keeping this in mind, how could our President sit idle and let the events roll. So now we are into “ZARPAK” policy, which got inaugurated at his recent trip to US. There is a mark difference between these two. Where Obama must have consulted his advisers and taken an in depth analysis of the situation, just like the name our President decided why not go ahead unilaterally.

To solve the puzzle, I am referring to the recently signed “Pak Afghan Transit Agreement”. It has become more suspicious than the deal struck between Iraq and USA for the withdrawal of forces last year. Reports are circulating that it was never the part of his trip, and neither the foreign office nor the Pakistan’s embassy in US had any idea of this MOU. So of course, the agreement was drafted between US and Zardari exclusively. Its over a week and we have yet to see the clear picture of the deal.

Last night, Ms Marvi Memon on air came up with a sketch of the agreement, which I can only refer to as “tragic”. In her brief description, she quoted that nearly all the articles of the agreement stated” 3rd Party”, which is of course India. She even went further by stating that the agreement even gave rights to all the concern parties to physically monitor the progress of this transit route, and facilities. Now what does that mean is anybody’s guess, but to me it seems that we have somehow given an open playing field to both our Eastern and Western neighbor, to move a step further in engulfing entire Pakistan into a civil war.

Though its early to speculate, and foreign minister and other PPP members are seen contesting that India has nothing to do with this, goes all in vain as they themselves have no clue about the agreement.

So what is the basic purpose of this initiative by the President? I mean he can argue that it was nearly a four decade old agreement that has been revived, but who is going to reveal this fact on him that the current situation is a far cry from what it was back then. CBM’s with Karzai, is this a joke. He was invited at the oath taking ceremony of Mr Zardari as the big brother, but what was his response after that. On the floor of the house our Interior Minister goes all out in proving that Mr. Karzai is personally shielding the enemies of the state, and you go for granting favors to a leader like him.

Please its time to wake up our establishment, God knows what you have on your mind for us. As far as “ZARPAK” policy is concerned, if it continues, it will definitely turn a new page in the history of this country, but its up to you to identify in what aspect that new page will be written.

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  1. It has been said that the trade to Afghanistan will be done through Wahga border in spite of the fact that Afghanistan has been getting trade benefits through our ports.
    This AfPak and ZarPak policies are definitely a new page for our history whether we like it or not we are going to suffer its effects.


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