Our shameless politicians

There was a time when Pakistani politicians were not greedy. The Quaid-e-Azam, for instance, refused to go abroad for treatment because he thought the country was very poor. When he came back from Quetta, the rickety ambulance which was taking him from the airport to hospital broke down. There were no police mobiles escorting him, nor were there any ministers to receive him at the airport. (Nowadays, at least twenty dignitaries welcome a VVIP at the airport). Later, we had prime ministers who resigned immediately when they felt they had lost their majority in parliament. Mr. I. I. Chundrigar, for instance, had been prime minister for only a month before his supporters defected. The thought of staying on in power didn’t even enter his head. He left Prime Minister’s House immediately.

But today, you have politicians who are so shameless that they think nothing of looting the country. I am referring to the current caretaker prime minister, who is also the chairman of the senate. This genius (Prime Minister Mohammed Mian Soomro) has conferred enormous benefits on all former Chairmen of the Senate, and since he will shortly retire from the office of Chairman (Senate), he and all his family members will be entitled to diplomatic passports, free telephone facility, free travel, free everything. And this is happening in a country where half the people live on just one meal a day, where they have to stand in long queues before they can get flour, and where they have no money to buy medicines for their sick children. So our politicians, who should really be trying to solve the people’s problems, are engaged in looting the country. No wonder the Pakistan is a failed state.

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  1. I searched for “Shameless politicians of Pakistan” through google, and i got here. There was respect of human life and now there is only shame shame on us and shame on all the politicians. Who would not like to have ill feelings about the current affairs of Pakistan, there are 100% cases unsolved and the judges are bribed. Some say that they do not need bribe but bribe is thrusted upon us. Is this Pakistan we would like to leave for next generation? Ask yourself sincerely that would the people with riches like to live in Pakistan? S.H.A.M.E

  2. Nawaz accepted that his party men will take oath under Musharraf, because sometimes you have to “swallow the bitter pill”. But that doesn’t mean that they will not try to dislodge Musharraf later. As soon as the judges are restored, Musharraf will have to go (if not before).

  3. What has PML (N) and PPP done now? PPP goes on continuously sidestepping the issue of removing the President and the removal of Article 58 2(b) from the constitution. While PML (N) today as well in the meeting help in Murree between PML (N) and PPP said that they would join the government in the national assembly as well, but they would take oath when Pervez Musharraf goes on a foreign trip so that they will be sworn in by the caretaker President. Isnt this an attempt to merely fool the people of Pakistan. I mean if you are in the national assembly it is under the power of Musharraf so no matter whom you take oath from by being a member of the government forming coalition in the assembly you accept him as the President. I hope these two parties clear out their own closets before pointing fingers because they sure do have a lot of inhouse cleaning to do.

  4. Don’t forget the flats he has transferred to his name in London from his step-mother.

    So not only ripping off Pakistan but also his mother (step) !

    Disgusting !


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