Our Glooms

We were not able to overcome the ancient problems faced by our nation, and now we are confronting the new ones already. To the problems like lack of social development, political instability, growth without equity, has now added problems of extremism, lawlessness, suicide bombings, and the unlimited demands of America.

Apparently, there is no direction for the nation anywhere. Many things are experiencing deterioration. Institutes of the nation are decaying. The strength is vanishing rapidly. Their work capacity is very low and the energy is at its lowest. The cult of indifference and apathy is also sucking the synergy of the pillars of the nation. Two recent problems which we have just seen on the national horizon; Lal Mosque issue and the Judicial crisis, provides a vivid glimpse of the magnitude of the problem.

Mismanagement, indifference and the lack of vision is at the core of the problems faced by us. In Pakistan, from the very outset, governor-generals, presidents, prime ministers and their nominees at the provincial and local levels have been busy in dismissing the elected governments. Though the performance of the elected governments was never a spectacular one, but then they have a fair point that they hadn’t much time to do anything, and the time they spent in the office was merely spent on combating the threats to their rule.

Power sharing and power utilization has always remain a mystery in the country. Right now, the origin of power is our President. It is the person of President General Pervez Musharraf from where all the power emanates. Prime-minister, cabinet, assembly, advisors are oblivious to the policy making. They are just there to nod in agreement. Though on the part of Musharraf government, some decisions are fairly courages and brilliant, some are totally catastrophic. But when you have people as an advisors ,who have their own credibility suspicious, then President has to play solo.

In these times, when have just seen the massacre of 12th May in Karachi, and the Operation Silence in Islamabad, and now watching in dread over whats happening in North and South Waziristan, things look quite bleak and gloomy.

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