Our Generation… A New and Improved Generation

I am talking about those who were born between 1977 and 1995 (although demographers continue to debate these dates).They will be between 8 and 26 this year and will make up 26% of the population by 2008. Whether we are referred to as Millennials (because we are coming of age in the new Millennium), or N-Gen , (because we are definitely the Net Generation), there’s no doubt that the approximately 80 million of us will influence every facet of life as we know it.

Millennials celebrate the team over the individual. When asked what’s wrong with our country today, teens blame adult selfishness more than anything else. This generation is more altruistic and concerned about helping others (which is evident from the behavior during 8th October’s Earthquake).

Unfortunately, our generation is a bit kitchen illiterate. Forget about sewing or whittling or making dinner from scratch is just as much of a mystery. This might be the price of being raised by the first generation of working women. Music is an important element in the lives of this generartion. The two most popular genres of music are current hits and rap/hip-hop. They are followed by rhythm and blues, alternative radio and hard rock/heavy metal.

More than 80% of youngsters have Internet access, whether at home, school, work, at a friend’s home, or thenet cafe. Internet has become a major source of information for school poject or report. In terms of fashion, it has been noted that this generation’s fashion means choices and fewer restraints. High fashion is influenced by the street clothes worn by rock musicians and other pop culture idols.

Today’s girls will wait longer to marry than their mothers did and start their families later in life. They will have careers and enough disposable income to afford luxuries for themselves and their homes.

Youngsters are engaged in snacking more than any other type of eating. Drinks, junk food and salty snacks are items over which this generation hold the most influence when it comes to home grocery shopping.

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