Our Elusive Rights

Democracy and civil rights are most emphatically not ideas or systems which are exclusively American or Western or Alien. All people yearn for liberty and justice and despise oppression and tyranny. For people of Pakistan democracy means liberty, justice, progress and riddance from tyranny.

The countries which are now at the leading edge of democratic revolution and now reaping the fruits of the democracy took a long time and immense sacrifice to forge our democratic traditions and a cohesive national identity. For example, Americans took eight years after the battle of Yorktown just to work out their Constitution, which is the most guarded and cherished document there.

International and Pakistan leaders cannot for the life of them, ignore the yearning of Pakistanis for democracy and a society where they are not afraid of police, and where they have full justice, and where they have equal opportunities. Pakistanis don’t want to fight the US war on terrorism. US is fighting in Afghanistan, and Pakistanis are taking its toll in their mosques, cities, and markets. Before US invaded Afghani soil, there was not even a notion of suicide attacks, bomb blasts and un-identified firings.

United States must understand that spending trillions of dollars and killing hundreds of thousands for a low probability of acceptable results and to prevent a low likelihood threat is irresponsible, reckless, homicidal, and stupid. The self-righteous approach of US that first they attack a country, thoroughly wreck havoc there, then failed to achieve their targets, and then start talking about rebuilding it.

Pakistanis won’t be too impressed by that approach of US. If US that much sincere to us and cherish its frontline ally, then it should directly help in rebuilding the pillars of free judiciary, free media and free political system here.

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