Orkut Dynamics

The belief that there is one person God has designed perfectly and specifically for each person is a mere hypothesis. The whole concept of “soul mates” is worldly romantic baloney packaged as spiritually connected predestination. We don’t happen to come across our soul mates while walking down the road. May be God wants us to work on it so just like with a respectable degree or coveted position in a company, finding the right people to have satisfying relationships with requires work.

I think the best, most lasting love is the kind you grow into through commitment and patience. The kind that gets embedded in your lives and grows with you. Love is like the quantity of heat in a body and true love is an understanding of what it means to be in different temperature properties at a certain time, and the need for the stabilization of temperatures. It means giving and sacrificing more heat away than you can possibly imagine. There are many millions of people in the world so how could you actually hope to discover a “soul mate” with the same latent heat?

One good way to start is Orkut.com.

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