Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3

Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle (r) Database Lite 10g Release 3, a comprehensive solution that enables customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy applications for mobile and embedded environments.

With enhanced synchronization and increased support for a broader range of platforms, Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 3 brings unmatched mobile data management capabilities to the enterprise.

It is a highly-scalable, mobile solution that enables applications to run even when disconnected from the network, while periodically synchronizing to an Oracle Database server.

Comprised of a mobile server and a mobile relational database, it helps users reliably and securely exchange data with a corporate database, enables applications, device and user provisioning and provides centralized management tools.

Additionally, the latest release includes automatic synchronization that enables data to be synchronized bidirectional without user intervention, so mobile users can work seamlessly.

This new release of Oracle promises a lot, and would break the new ground for sure.

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