One of the rising and threatening to Microsoft Office star is OpenOffice. For me at least its a pleasant change. To be honest, it doenst beat MS office, but it also doesn’t get beaten by it.

In the OpenOffice, you can configure the menus and toolbars to say and portray whatever you want. It makes great PDFs, with a zillion graphics, display, and security settings notably missing from MS Office. In addition to its own cool, stunning templates, you can also import templates from MS office. Microsoft Office makes files in its own proprietary format. uses OpenDocument format that anyone can make a program to open. Its gives power right in your hand.

It runs everywhere, in the garden, in the garage, in the drawing room and in the shower. You name it, the platform would be highly likely supporting it happily. Whether its Windows Vista, MAC, Linux, or Solaris, OpenOffice sits there regally.

Want more? Ok don’t pay anything in upgrades or any sort of maintenance.

Bonus Tool:

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4 thoughts on “OpenOffice”

  1. i’m a big fan of open source technologies and capabilities. i personally run ubuntu at home and try and use open office as much as i can over ms office. unfortunately, i don’t feel that the advanced features of MS have been mimicked very well by ooo just yet. though it would be cool to see how it develops and whether it gets recognition by the mainstream populace like firefox has. we can always cross our fingers and wait i suppose.


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