Only Way Out

With the election looming large on February the 18th, one agitating facet of the grim political scene needs to be highlighted and must be discussed by the voters with serious concern and at every level.

Why the electioneering atmosphere is being viciously vitiated by loose talk from the PML-Q quarters? Suicide attacks and bomb blasts and other forms of terrorism are tragedies that have shocked Pakistan as well as the whole world, and ominous forces are demanding an entry in the country now openly.

The disturbances that have broken out in the country after the terrorists attack in most cases spontaneous as a reaction were justified and government also let them go, though criminal elements also entered the fray to use the occasion to loot and plunder and to fulfill their nefarious designs.

The terrorists acts have done incalculable damage to the economy, besides causing the death of innocent men, women and children, and also have shattered the morale of the hapless people, who are now in constant fear of unknown and unexpected.

For the nation now, there is one aim that overrides all other considerations — a free and fair general election in a peaceful atmosphere. And all parties should work towards this goal. This is the only way out.

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