Online Scam: Earn-with-Google

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me about a site “”. She told me that I could also earn while staying at home. She personally had not gone for it but had read about that site on the internet. In my inspiration, I visited the site to find out how could I earn from it. I went through all the pages that were written in urdu and the web master had mentioned there that it was only for Pakistani users. They had mentioned that many people earn upto 20,000 Pakistani Rupees through this.

So the Question is that we have to do there? At one page it was written that for joining them, we will have to register with 1000 Pakistani rupees. Then they would a lot us a website and we will have to click on the adds. The more we click on the adds, the more would it add to the money and we will be sent this through draft.

There are many sites that offer the content to read or much more. They also display adds and clicking on these adds money to the web master’s account but they are not allowed to prompt the reader or user to click on adds for money making. But it should be upon the user himself to click on adds that is web master himself can’t click on adds to make money. Then how could this site ‘’ ask to click again and again.

I am really amazed………Is it fraud or the right way to earn? If anyone of you knows the reality, please guide…

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  1. its really really sad to hear ppl dont read the TOS of google before they signed up for an account and right from the start ppl just started spamming and resulting termination of their account forever i have tried google adsense myself and earned alot from them but as by business is subject to selling php scripts it dosnt suits me up so i am not currently using them

  2. asalamu alakum wrahmatullah wabarakatohu , brothers and sisters specially the persons behind this site they are a very big fraud i deposited 2000 rs for 2 sites they gave me 2 sites which were eventually blocked for illegal clicking , after that they never answered my any call or email , i think these people and also others like these who do such things how can they call themselves muslim , aisay log sirf gunah jama kar rahay hain aur kuch nahi aisay log toba karain aur ALLAH say sachi toba karain ,ALLAH hum sab ko sahi rastay par chalnay ki taufeeq ata farmain AMIN ok ALLAH HAFIZ .

  3. Hi …,

    People in Pakistan have no awareness.. But lemme tell you some true thing. 15 Months back i was scammed thru them too. at that time i was nill and now i am the owner of my SOFTWARE HOUSE. I developed myself. I have now more then 120 Websites and I Own a Hosting Company too.

    My Message to others is that If you want to know what the thing is then start from its history and never give up. Try , Try Try again..and keep on trying.



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