One More Budget

Federal Budget 2008-09 will be presented at a special budget session of National Assembly. Federal Minister for Finance, Naveed Qamar will deliver budget speech. Though the initial work was carried out by the resigned finance minister Ishaq Dar, now mainly the secretaries of the ministry have done the bulk of the work. Discussion of budget will commence from June 14 and continue till June 30.

This time, the new government intends to present the defense budge in the parliament which is very welcome. The real thing which people of Pakistan want from this government is to not get overwhelmed by the statistics rather they want some simple and concrete steps to alleviate their miseries, which have sucked the life out of them.

Price hike, load shedding, hoarding and other social evils have really destroyed the morale of the nation. Shortages of flour, sugar, edible oil and other food items have also made the life hell for the people, and there is no hope for them.

What this budge must do is to provide hope and something to hang on to life for the poor. Instead of giving peanuts like petty increase in salaries, the government must do some tangible steps to provide real relief.

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