One and one is three

What makes women gullible? What makes men vulnerable?

Its one of the oldest arguments in the history of mankind; the equality of men and women. Let’s just notice a few things about both and get to some conclusion.

Women are more gullible than men, its a very easily observable fact. If you’re planning a scam, 90% of your target population would be of women especially if they are alone. Women are mentally not as strong or tough as men, they are not ‘designed’ to cipher or decipher methods of manipulation and exploitation. This does not mean that every women lacks in this regard, but only that the average woman would succumb easy to the plan of the average man. This goes as far as figures and accounts, business or social knowledge are concerned. Women usually fall short of tasks that require mental strength.

Thats half the story I have to relate. The other part is equally scary. Men are emotionally much vulnerable as compared to women. If you’re a woman, you would probably make more money flirting in one day than you could by working in a library in a month. Men who are mentally strong have the habit of analysing their emotions instead of feeling them. Women know the art of emotional euphoria as well as emotion control. Men practically hand over their driving seat of emotion to the women they love or simply women!

The above observations are merely indicating how equally men and women are gifted with ‘reason’ and ‘feeling’. My purpose is not to enocurage people to embezzle or fllirt but to understand their own shortcomings and keep their eyes open for attacks on their vulnerable sides. My message is also that when we understand how life has gifted us with different but equally important faculties, we can then unite and progress at a faster rate than the rate at which we do individually summed up. Remember: ONE AND ONE IS THREE.

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