Once Again Jirgas

In the wake of the on going operation in the FATA area of the Pakistan to hunt down the criminals cum militants, in order to prevail the peace in this region, the talks are underway between the jirga consisting of the local tribesmen and the leaders of the militants, and though at some points they have agreed, everything is still ambiguous and volatile.

Political Administration and the 16-member Jirga of Afridi tribesmen today in their talks for peace held at Bara resolved to settle all issues under Shariat and local laws. The political administration laid the conditions of absolute restoration of the writ of the government at Bara, Lashkar-e-Islam be unarmed and they be made to abide not to exhibit the arms.

These Jirgas have been held before with no results, or if any results have been found they have been largely short lived and without any concrete and lasting peace in the region. All the business activities are halted in the Bara region, and there is no continuing education in the area, and the people are facing extreme hardships to get food and medical care.

It is the need of hour that these jirgas should settle down on agreeing terms to ensure peace in the area so that the live could return to normal.

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