On The Hunt

Let’s give a thought on why people everywhere around us seem unsatisfied of what they are doing, whether it’s a job or business. For more than 90 % people of our society are found unsatisfied with their current employers, is it so that we always find grass green on the other side of the road or some other factor is participating in it?

People in the job sectors relating to medicine, engineering, journalism, law etc. are always looking for jobs as they think they are in the worst management setup. This is point to be noted that mostly management is considered responsible. Some people curse their organization reasoning not being paid well, some says timings seems to be too tough, some gets fed up with the political system present in the organization and this results into job hunting to become most cherishing hobby of the professionals. From one of the observation we find that people switch from one position to another depending on their priorities, for some money is the only factor, some want to keep family & social life, some wish easy, calm & smooth job nature & etc. etc. Let’s say if a professional gets everything he wants from the employer it would be the end of the hunt, but common observation show us a different picture , and we see hunt continues as our priorities keeps changing, and it happens sometimes in decades, sometimes in years and sometimes even in months.

We can conclude here that the God-given restless nature will always poke human beings to move, look around and find the most suitable habitat for themselves and their family.

2 thoughts on “On The Hunt”

  1. is this really you writing all this…??well never being satisfied is the human nature honey…u see evolution, from the good the the better and from better to the best….and still the luct goes on it is a divine strategy dear dont bother to think about it just keep on going 🙂

  2. Due to this human nature man moves forward with the passage of time. But for this one has to use this nature wisely mean not to touch the extreme limit of this God given gift …..


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