On Losing Ahmed Faraz

ab kis ke geet sunaate ho…………………us tan-man ka jo do-neem hua

At the time when nation is already short of people with dynamic thinking, losing Faraz is another blow from the blue. Ahmed Faraz not mere a poet , he was a Pakistani with keen eye on pros and corns of the nation. Ahmed Faraz, a man of principle, a man of words, a man whom we say proudly a true Pakistani. He is the true chain linking from Ghalib, Meer, Iqbal to Faiz, and we pray as his soul rest peace, the link of positive and constructive thinking should continue, Ameen.

Hamein to mohabat ke leye bhe zindagi kam lagi Faraz
Magar log yahan nafraton ke lea bhe waqt nikal lete hein..

Ahmed Farz sometimes reminds me of his romantic poetry when he says, Sona ha log ose aankh bher ke dekhte hein… and as I continue remember him, I found his words fill my mind with decency in poetry.
Sochta hun kabi tere dil mein utaar ker dekh lon faraz
Kon basa ha tere dil mein jo moje basne nahi deta…
I am sure that the words of Faraz will cherish us forever, and each one os of us will find the thinking of Great Faraz in our self.

Faiz Gaya Ab Tum Bhi Chale Tau Kaun Rahe Ga Maqtal Mein
Ek Faraz Hai Baqi Saathi, Us Ko Bhi Apne Saath Karo

silsile tor gaya woh sabhi jate jate ……
May his soul rest in eternal peace. (Ameen)

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