Old Stories

In his recent chitchat with Fareed Zakaraia of Newsweek, President Musharraf has told us many stories. Stories, which we have been hearing for the last nine or so years. Alongside of those stories, he also told us hinted at many new things.

The familiar stories included the usual harangue about how well he ruled the country all these years, and all the negative talk about his rule was just in the media, and the people were happy with him. He also reaffirmed his resolve to hold free and fair elections as they were in 2002.

New things included his challenging the world to come and skip even a single bullet from the army units. He also boldly criticized Hillary and other American candidate over their statements against Pakistan. American candidates have made it a habit of using Pakistani nukes for their campaign, and President Musharraf did well to say it loud and clear.

He was his usual self; very aloof and very confident, and just shrugging off the criticism. He would do very well to also see the ground realities in the country, and understand that there is really a problem in the country at the national level. People are worried about their and their country’s future and they really want to get rid of PML-Q and for whatever it stands for. People really want to elect their own leaders, and then see them rule their country.

They want true democracy and that can only come if a national government holds a free and fair elections.

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