Office Legend

Is that the case also with you? where ever I go, I find an office legend. It starts some thing like this,” Oh, the guy before you, who just left the company, was simply from some other more than modern planet. He was a genius at work.”

But soon, after going through the legend’s legacy I find out that he was certainly a genius but only at giving presentations. Actually, he just did fantastic presentations. Most of the developers and administrators just want to create things, and they hate doing the documentation and they abhor making and giving out presentations. But that legend was opposite, total contrast. His presentations were immaculate and flawless. His gestures and postures were manicured, and he was never seen by any living soul to getting his dirty with the development or creating things.

I have always fallen in the trap. I always have thought that I need to change the meanings of legend. So I try my best to do what I am supposed to do. But why is it that at the end of the day, boss always takes a sigh and shed a tear or two in the memory of that legend?

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