Office Faux Pas

To err is human, and to err more is an employee. We spend most of the time of our day at office. Office becomes another home after some time, and co-workers become very familiar, but it’s something with the official environment, that you never feel that comfy and intimate with your co-workers and boss. Contention for promotions, training, better facilities and benefits all add to the tensions within the offices, and then there is inevitable office politics.

In the cruel office atmosphere, you have got to be very very careful. You have got to watch your mouth,and you have to write whatever you write with meticulous care and after lots of before-thinking. You cannot really trust the coworkers, can you. It’s also the case, that we all encounter awkward moments of blunders in our office life time and again. That happens with everyone, its nothing surprising.

Everyone experiences odd moments at work, along with that feeling of alarm you get the moment you realize you just said or did something you cannot take back and that you know will elicit a reaction from fellow coworkers, and you know for sure that they will blow it out of proportions. You reach to the point where you swear that you won’t ever show your face around the office again. But time is is the biggest healer and it even washes out extreme humiliation. So don’t get that touchy and alarmed. Everything will be alright.

It’s all about damage control. How the situation is handled can influence is potential notoriety around the office. A faux pas managed with composure and wit won’t have the legs of one that is met with extreme shock adn unrelenting uneasiness. As painful as it seems you can learn a lot from your bloopers and blunders, once you get over it.

Just admit your mistake. Don’t hide it, or don’t try to talk about it too much, you may end up putting your foot in your mouth. Confess and admit you have made a blooper. Do your best to correct the blunder and then move on. After all you have to make more bloopers, so move on dude.

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