Obsession with Beauty

What do women want to look like? Beautiful, youthful, desirable, unattainable. What will they do to get that way? More than 150 years ago, they dabbed their faces with the urine of little boys or rubbed their arms with lead-laced whitening solutions that sometimes killed them. Now, they smooth their wrinkles with paraffin injections, something that produces a side effect called ‘wax cancers’. Some of them enlarged their breasts with paraffin. At the moment they go for silicone implants, whose occasional leakage leaves some of them with far graver beauty defects than a flat chest. Women routinely resort to everything from nose jobs to liposuction and rib removal, and no one raises an eyebrow.

Women are lining up for plastic surgery in record numbers, because they believe that not only their economic success but their romantic fortunes hang on the face and body they present to the world. Even the penalties of pain and potential mishap or exposure to ridicule are a small price to pay for looking ‘beautiful’.

The impact that society can have on a woman’s life with its obsession with beauty is enormous and ugly. Women all over the world are made to suffer in the name of beauty

4 thoughts on “Obsession with Beauty”

  1. It is human nature to make oneself as attractive as possible. Those who don’t care about their appearance are not normal. A man tries to make himself as presentable as possible, unless he is among the fifteen percent of people who suffer from acute depression. A woman does everything to enhance her beauty because it makes her feel good.

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