Obsession with Beauty – Shocking !

Some people are addicted to drugs, others to alcohol, sex, cigarettes, and food. But a new and dangerous addiction has been added to the list. It’s called plastic surgery.

This includes botox, veneers, lip enhancement, breast lifts, breast implants, tummy tucks, cheek implants, eyebrow lifts, collagen, eyelid surgery , nose jobs and ear jobs. If all this does not shock you, then perhaps the idea that vaginoplasty, otherwise known as vaginal rejuvenation exists will.

Last year, nearly 150,000 American women underwent surgical facelift procedures. 20 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures. It saw a 400% increase from 10 years ago. What is alarming about plastic surgery is that girls in high schools are lining up along side their mothers and grandmothers generation to ‘redo’ themselves. The message that sends out is that being young is no longer enough now nor is natural beauty. So many have tampered with it in order to attain that unrealistic, delusional level of perfection. Make up used to be enough, but that is quickly being replaced by plastic surgery.

A number of plastic surgeries have gone wrong and have resulted in deformation. Some have resulted in death.

4 thoughts on “Obsession with Beauty – Shocking !”

  1. i dislike people who think that a little plastic surgery will be good for their self esteem.
    Human Bodies are not toys or machines to be modified like that. Just look at Micheal Jackson, too much plastic surgery destroyed him.

  2. Thank you. This is exactly what im talking about. The problem with surgery. Goes to show you that is should be done only if it is an emergency. Not just to look ‘”better” or “more beautiful”.

  3. Mistakes can be made not only by plastic surgeons but other professionals as well. In a well-know case a famous Karachi surgeon cut off a man’s right leg instead of the left one. The victim sued and the case was settled out of court, with the surgeon having to pay a million rupees (that was fifteen to twenty years ago, in today it would be worth at least twenty million rupees).

  4. Some dangers that are associated with plastic surgery correspond with the type of procedure and the area in which the plastic surgery is done. For facial plastic surgery dangers include apparent tissue damage, abnormal looking features and even premature aging. With breast enhancements plastic surgery dangers include nerve or sensory damage around the site of the surgery, discoloration of the skin, destruction of tissue, unevenness, infection, scar tissue, and sometimes an allergic reaction to the anesthetic.

    Mistakes by the physician are also a danger that needs to be considered before plastic surgery. Some of the mistakes that have been known to occur include improperly performed procedures, surgical errors, and poor post-operative care.

    Facial plastic surgery mistakes are normally the most apparent and can be the hardest to repair. Mistakes that have happened with facial plastic surgery have left patients with an abnormal appearance, partial or full paralysis from damaged nerves. With implant plastic surgery some patients have reported mistakes such as very noticeable disproportion, asymmetry, and implant leaks.

    With any mistakes or dangers brought on from plastic surgery the patient usually blames themselves and has severe emotionally trauma

    The most common danger of plastic surgery is scarring. All surgeries will have a small type of scarring, you can not expect to be cut with a knife and have no scarring.


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