Oblivious World

While India presses Pakistan through the United States of America and through the United Nations and also carries on the propaganda mission against the Pakistani people and the organization, the world also needs to realize the immense terrorism of Hindu extremists. The present lot of terrorists in India are not the traditional suicide bombers ready to blow themselves up. They are calculated, cold blooded murderers.

Why world is so insensitive, callous, and oblivious to the Indian terrorism? That question escapes me. It is still early days but these questions need to be asked, as the new dimensions are being set in the world and India clearly aligns itself with the new and renewed allies.

Pakistan must also need to re-check and re-balance itself. In Pakistan, we have left ourselves at the mercy of the America and the time and our tendency has been to make some post event superficial changes, pious declarations of intent and condemnations of the act accompanied by fighting it out, and yet we fall victim of accepting the crimes we never did.

We have to be very careful of India. They are trying to leverage as much advantage out of the blood of their people as possible.

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