Object of Preference for Companies

I have observed a strange yet rampant approach on the part of businesses of any magnitude around the globe. They do more to attract new customers than to retain existing customers. They print glossy, eye-catching, meticulously research introductory brochures and they too print bland, boring and esoteric product manuals.

I mean, its strange, quite baffling. A company strives hard to turn a potential customer into a customer, and then just leaves him alone in the quagmire. The whole company’s policy and standard operating procedures are to grow the business and to reach new markets. Nobody gives a damn to the existing user base.

Wouldn’t it be more natural and intuitive and beneficial to spend more effort on existing users. This will not only enhance the ultimate user experience, but also make them company’s best volunteer sales force. These happy and satisfied uses will evangelize the company. A company can have nothing better than that. This is the real good will, coming from the heart of customers. So empower the user, make him better at what he does with your product or service or whatever.

A company’s budget should be spent more on post-sale efforts rather than on pre-sale seduction. This is like short-term versus long-term planning. What is the advantage of all those glossy, colorful, garish, blue-ribbon brochures, when you existing users are cursing you and your products?
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