Obama Wins

So the whitish Hillary Rodham Clinton loses it to the blackish Barack Obama. Barack Obama clinched the historical win over the Democrat hard favorite by grabbing 2118 delegate votes, and he will be crowned the Democrat nomination in the coming August, and now he would take on the Republican John McCain from Arizona.

What does that mean to Pakistan? Nothing and Zilch. It would make no difference to Pakistan, as the policies regarding Pakistan and other foreign things are not centered around one person or even one party, rather they are controlled and supervised and carried on by other lobbies who have full throttle control in the Pentagon, the real power house of the world.

War on terror would remain the same and would only intensify, and it would be very foolish and naive to think that either John McCain or Obama would call back their troops from Iraq or Afghanistan. The wars would go on, and the people would keep dying. Bush is the name of a bloody concept and a mask. This mask would change faces this year.

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