Obama Starts

On the eve of inauguration address of Barack Obama, the 44th president of United States, Pakistan has conveyed to visiting US Centcom chief General Petraeus that the security situation in Afghanistan, the ongoing war on terror and the escalation of tension between Pakistan and India came under discussion during the meeting.

Obama has paid attention to the Gitmo Bay in his first address. The drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan are weakening the writ of the government and destabilizing the political process. It is also hurting the America’s war against terror and it is in both interest of Pakistan and US to come forward and work together and facilitate the people of the area.

Pakistan needs to take the new American administration into confidence about the steps taken by Pakistan in the context of Mumbai terrorist attacks and Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to defuse tensions with India. Also Pakistan should make efforts to make the new Obama coterie aware of the efforts of the Government of Pakistan to promote peace and stability in the region and should strive to further intensifying the US-Pakistan cooperation.

Obama should appreciate the steps taken by Pakistan to promote peace, security and stability as well as Pakistan’s determination to counter terrorism in the region.

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