Obama Should Learn More

Barack Obama, who has mysteriously gained over Hillary Clinton in the race to win the Democrat ticket to contend the presidential election of the sole power of the world to become the world’s most powerful man has getting it all wrong when it comes to the war against terror, and he seems to be following the footprints of his predecessor in a very clumsy way.

White House contender Barack Obama has said that all options, diplomatic and military, should be considered to stop militants from gathering strength, but that air strikes alone would not solve the crisis and the most effective way is to strike at them in the Waziristan area of the FATA, which has become seething bed for the militancy.

Our Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani who has become a lackey in no time and who is about to go and pay homage to the masters in Washington is also saying that another 9/11 could happen from the FATA area, and that is like giving open invitation to the ISAF forces to come and have a bloody party.

Obama may like to study the history of the region.

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