NWFP Government in Shambles

There is no change in the extreme North of the North West Province of Pakistan and there is no chance of improvement. The US attacks, operations, activities of the extremists and their attacks on the settled areas of Pakistan are going on all the same and there is no stoppage and respite and there is no immediate solution in sight.

When all that happens, it was thought that the new secular government in NWFP will act as change agent and they will start bringing in the change, but that was a pipe dream. Instead of bringing in change, they carried on with their streak and now they are acting as separatists. They are not only fighting with the opposition, they are also fighting with their own coalition partners.

The recent clashes of Awami National Party with the party of Fazlur Rehman are just one example as how intolerant the politics of this volatile province has become and how disdain these leaders feel towards solving the problems and core issues of the people of this hapless province.

So much for the democracy and change.

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