Number of cases increases in Shariah courts

After the reinstatement of Shariah court in Swat, Tehsil matta, Kabal, Khawaza, Khaela the number of cases is increasing in a fast pace. Many people are bringing up their long awaited cases from the local courts to this Shariah court now, sources said.
Sources have said that the hearings of the cases take place in local mosques everyday.

It takes no more then one day to grant justice unlike Pakistani courts where we were waiting for justice since many years but were receiving nothing but another date of hearing”. A local said. “Of course we have many issues to resolve and it is quite annoying when you are being stuck in one”. He added.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. When it is already a fact that the government has lost its writ in this area and Taliban are resolving our issues why should we then rely on government”, another local man said.

Unfortunate is Pakistan. How can we accept the justice can be granted here to people when the person who used to grant justice himself is today walking on roads for his case to be heard. More then ten months have passed by since the first investigation report was registered for Chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s case but no progress has been made for it by now. In such circumstances when no one is satisfied, none state actors are gaining more and more strength and robustness.

2 thoughts on “Number of cases increases in Shariah courts”

  1. plz FOR GOD SAKE DO NOT REPORT WRONG,about swat,army is gaining the control of swat in within 2 month time hope fully after a long fighting , when people of swat do not want change how govt can bring change ,when they are killing own brothers and burning the school how writ of government can be implemented

  2. “It takes no more then one day to grant justice unlike Pakistani courts”. What happens if a man is wrongly sentenced to death, his head is chopped off and the next day the real culprit is found? Isn’t it better to delay justice is such cases?


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