NRO’s Percentage is Higher

Whatever the intellectuals say,the truth of the matter is that only to save his multi-billions of dollars and luxurious vehicles, horses and houses under the blessed umbrella of National Reconciliation Ordinance, Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party is selling the aspirations of the nation. What more would you expect from the percentage oriented mind?

London talks between Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have also failed as expected. Zardari basically went to London on the orders of Pervez Musharraf to meet with the Altaf Hussain, the pir of London to get his approval for the new coalition. The terrorist of London had the guts to advise Nawaz Sharif on the judges issue.

America has spoken and the Anne W. Patterson has rendered the verdict. Nawaz Sharif has to go out, Zardari has to form a coalition with the MQM and PML-Q in new garb, and they would do what the previous toadies and cronies of PML-Q under the Short cut Aziz were doing.

1 thought on “NRO’s Percentage is Higher”

  1. It seems that elections create more problems than solving them. If we have to do what the Americans say, why hold elections in the first place? Just because the Americans don’t trust Nawaz, we will see more uncertainty. The future is bleak.


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