NRO- Here comes the pain

So the Pandora box is finally open and as expected we have been revealed to the list of “nobles among us” whom we have never given the credit’ “The NRO Brigade”. Before the list was made public which is undoubtedly a bold but compelled move,, many of the beneficiaries have made this land there exclusive domain and after the list and their deeds are now public,, many voices have been raised to recheck the ECL list as soon the will be on their way out along with their baggage.

At this stage I have to some extent realized why this NRO BRIGADE never protested the ever increasing US influence inside Pakistan, like their entry and exit from out territory. Of course they have kept it as a tool in case they had to face the ECL (jokes apart).

Anyhow with PM Gilani’s statement things have taken a new turn. Till now most of the observers were of the view that somehow Mr. Zardari will manage to draw all the PPP support behind him on this issue. With Gilani offering resignation even if his wife secured relief under NRO, a burning ball has been thrown to the top office. NRO suspension was natural and expected. But the real drama will begin once the make and break will start. The refusal of many top office bearers from resignation has landed the whole political scene in doldrums. If the president will stay immune (hardly possible under the present circumstances) his brigade will not let him eat the fruits of their deed alone.

The judiciary holds the final blow, and with the voice of masses echoing “we want to seek truth” things will definitely head for a serious direction. Anyhow, like before I have always emphasized that a leadership whose power rests in “a foreign capital” rather than its own people will face the music. The revelation of names was just a trailer, the real episode will commence when we will come to know regarding the cases been set aside.

Being a neutral entity the biggest fear to any Pakistani will be the “minus all”. This democracy, well many would argue its legitimacy was a blessing after the era of Musharraf, but like always our politicians whether in power or in opposition have let us down. There is still a chance left for them to undo their sin by removing “black sheep” among themselves. Else with the situation prevailing inside and around our borders, and the way masses are fighting over sugar and flour you don’t need more to create a situation like that we witnessed in 1917 Russian revolution. It’s anybody’s guess who will be our Lenin this time around.

13 thoughts on “NRO- Here comes the pain”

  1. @murtaza
    welld way our anchors took hillary clinton,, hw u term dat??
    never heard Mr Shah mehmood qureshi or hussain haqqani went dat far……….
    all along the war where haz d media glorified d TTP??plz refer me 2 ny such event

  2. @skunk
    my dear if dats d case dan why nt u nd me open our books where a philosepher like Iqbal had to go against a western democratic system………d poll at this forum is more dan valid coz d 1 here knws both sides of d picture………
    dis wasnt a counting game dat we hav witnessed in kerry lugar..nro etc…………it was its interpretaion dat was logical……done by different people and in d end establishment haz to make a run from it……….
    dis democracy is sometime referred to as a gift from french revolution in 1789…………….
    masses effort ofcourse………… why they were shouting EMPEROR NAPOLEON just 10 years later………….hmmmmmmm


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