NRO and Judges Restoration

Musharraf had the option to restore judiciary to pre November 3rd position before resigning but he did not use this option. As claimed by one of the visitors, Musharraf said that some PML-Q leaders had suggested him to cancel the National Reconciliation Ordinance and restore the deposed judges before his resignation as they were sure that Iftikhar Chaudary would become a big problem for Asif Zardari. Musharaff said, “I decided not to do that, I know Zardari will not restore Justice Iftikhar and Nawaz Sharif will fight him on this issue. Even if Iftikhar is restored, He will not spare Zardari. Let the enemies fight with each other.”

Nawaz Sharif has already stated that his party would not make any compromise on the restoration of judges that according to Murree accord and in view of august 7th agreement are a public commitment made by the coalition partners. Asif Zardari on the other hand covets more time space to make ground for the restoration of judges.

On glancing at the present performance of the ruling coalition in post Mush period it seems obvious that Musharraf was right. The politics played by the government on the question of reinstatement of judiciary is causing uncertainty. It was expected that there would be no further dialogue on judge’s issue once Musharraf is off the scene but what has been arising is contrary to this.

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