Nowadays It Takes Dance to go Mobile

If you sit in front of television for some minutes, its impossible that you wouldn’t notice some commercial of a Telco showing girls and boys dancing and offering different mobile packages. Whether it’s jazz, ufone, mobilink or warid or Telenor, all are religiously group dancing to lure the customer to their offerings.

Is dance, and such a orgy dance is our culture? Pakistan is certainly not represented by the bald clowns like Ali Azmat and obnoxious Moammar Rana. They don’t have to show alien culture to us as our culture to sell us their so-called “happy hours” and “Chotay Bills”.

Telco’s like Mobilink and Ufone should consider improving their substandard service instead of evangelizing western culture to us. We don’t want dancing and raving, we want quality of service at reasonable rates. We don’t want our calls terminated in half way, and we want full signals every where and we want reliable value added service in exchange of our money.

So Telcos don’t utilize our money to promote these nefarious and un-desired things, give us what we want: Quality of Service at Reasonable Rates.

2 thoughts on “Nowadays It Takes Dance to go Mobile”

  1. According to me its how something is depicted well…the last years TVCs Telenor Talkshawk and Mobilink JAzz have been of hip hopping and dancing however Telenor Talkshawk over did it for real……JAzz jingle was good and yes dancing was good too…..once again all depends on how somethng has been potrayed..last year Ufone’s Ad brilliant this years one of their 3min ad ANNOYINg…this yearz JAzz Ad welll done……Love the Aur SUnao Beat……

  2. hi just came across to this one…its been a while that there has been a regular update on this one…well presently keeping Mobilink Jazz in mind i would say that they have started the year offering their users a great package of 68 paisaa to any network in Pakistan…the call rates are really low and is not limited to time or a specific number…its 24 hrs all the time…..i even found the last commercial very colorful..indeed the recent one is attractive too but i feel its done thoughfullyy and has a concept behind it too…it does convey the message of NO SAMJHOTA brilliantly…


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