Now Dir Comes Under Fire

The Bajaur Agency is experiencing the worst of the clashes between the security forces and the Taliban, and Rehman Malik the advisor to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that operation has been started because militants were about to cede the Bajaur Agency from the Pakistan, and they were about to declare it as a separate state, though one wonders about this claim.

But the truth is that the things are getting more worst in the area and there is no turning back now, as the jirgas and the peace missions have thoroughly failed and there is no relief for the local population of the area. The adjacent areas of the Bajaur Agency have also come under the intense fighting with huge volume of the causalities and the local infrastructure is in shambles and people are fleeing the area towards the safer grounds.

Not only the Bajour Agency, but also Lower Dir has also seeing fighting. This area borders war-ravaged Afghanistan and troubled Bajaur Agency where the security forces have launched an operation against the militants. It may be mentioned that Taliban militants sneaked into Akkakhel area of the district following the military operation in Bajaur and a local Jirga forced them to leave the area.

At least 25 people, including children, were killed and over 50 wounded, several of them seriously, when unidentified miscreants hurled hand grenades at a mosque during Taraweeh prayers in Banai area of Dir Lower district. The fire is surely spreading.

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