Not So Grave

Pakistan, which is facing the brunt of the terrorism for the past several years understand the gravity of the situation in the Mumbai specifically and throughout India. But the thing is that India is not taking it fully and responsibly. Rather they are indulging in the finger pointing, aggression and blame game just to appease their seething domestic voters. Which ever party acts tough now, will be the victor in the round the corner elections in India.

Pakistan is asking, as is its right, for evidence tying the attackers to the Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Jaish-e-Mohammad and other figures. Pakistan has also rightfully called back the decision of sending ISI chief which was just a humiliation effort by Indian. It is also saying, rightly, that terrorism is targeting both nations.

The fire and flames from the Indian media is just another proof that they haven’t accepted the existence of Pakistanis and they are ill at ease with the way Pakistanis stand in their way of becoming the regional bully. People like Bharat Varma in India are openly asking their government to use nukes against Pakistan. They must remember that we also have some of them, which are not just toys.

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