Non Media Websites Under Threat In Pakistan

Peoples Party is a fascist group of beneficiaries and thugs, its whole top leadership is consists of international femme thugs, looters and plunderers. Zardari mafia is continuously busy to control free speech, journalists are under threat and media is running under strict government control. Zardari has no footings because current Army Chief has pardoned his all crimes including murders and money laundering. He is afraid of judiciary and media, Chief Justice of Pakistan is sitting at home. Those are pushing a failed government with the help of army generals, police, and Para-military forces and agencies. War on terror is a gift for all thugs to suck money from western countries.

Condition is so serious that top bodies are under direct control of Government:

1. Largest group APNS (All Pakistan Newspapers Society) is under control of Hameed Haroon, whose brother Abdullah Hussain Haroon has been appointed as ambassador to United Nations. Both brothers are among top aides of Zardari mafia with imported Irani mother.
2. Second largest group PFUJ (Pakistan Federation of journalists) its General Secretary Mazhar Abbas is brother of Director General ISPR (army General).Two other brothers of Mazhar Abbas are working as Editors at “daily Dawn and Dawn TV channel” which is owned by above Hameed Haroon.
3. Third group is owned by Salman Taseer, Governor Punjab, consists of “Daily Times, Friday Times, Aaj Kal and Business TV”. And Najam Sethi edits them who are also close associate of Zardari mafia.
4. In other TV channels Government advisors are working to control outflow i.e. ARY TV channel has Javed Malik and P J Mir both cronies of Zardari.

There is no life of true journalists in Pakistan which are continuously under threat, recently when world renowned journalist Shaheen Sehbai raised finger against Zardari mafia then paid agents of Government in media started personal attacks on Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, For example one so called journalist Asif Iqbal who works for Daily Nawai-e–waqt and known mole of Zardari started his character assassination. Same as Dr. Shahid Masood, Mr. Ansar Abbasi of Daily News and Geo TV are under continuous threat and harassment for chalking out Government corruption. On other side in ARY TV channel Mr. Kashif Abbasi is under threat because he is the only anchor who bravely chalks out corruption of Zardari mafia.

Ministry of interior has developed a special cell to control free speech and unknown agencies are continuously trying to dictate web owners, and Minister of Information is as corrupt as Zardari and large amounts are being used to divide journalists. She is behind removal of Dr. Shahid Masood, Chairman PTV.

International journalists associations have already taken up cases of Pakistani journalists, and those are requested that curb on independent websites and free speech in Pakistan may also be included in their agenda. Particularly following websites are under threat from different sources with falls allegation of anti-Pakistan:

1. Dictatorship Watch
2. Let us make Pakistan better.

It is funny situation that Pakistan’s ambassadors at Washington and New York are also pawns of corrupt Zardari mafia.

By International Professor

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