Non-Entities Should be Ignored

It is extremely annoying that the non-entities, rejected, humiliated and discarded people like General (r) Pervez Musharraf, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad and Chaudhary Shujaat are being highlighted by the media without any reason. This was the same media which was dead against these people, and now they bring them in to adorn their talk shows.

It was also really annoying to know that the smug Musharraf thinks that he is being missed by the Pakistani people. All these crisis in Pakistan are due to the ugly rule of Musharraf. The poor law and order situation, lack of electricity, weakened administrative system and ineffective judiciary are all legacies of his rule.

In an interview to the Daphne Barack, Musharraf says that Pakistan was not in so much mess during his days in power and that people were missing him and asking him to make a comeback. That is the biggest slap on the face of mandate of people which they gave on 18th February.

The country is at the brink of disaster just due to this man, and yet he is there telling us that we are missing him. We don’t even want to spit on him.

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