Nobody Should be the Hurdle

This is a very sensitive juncture in our history when a democratic government has taken a weak and very much confusing stand against the terrorists. The government insists that this war belongs to us, where a large faction of society denies it and brushes it aside with disgust and powerful arguments.

The government and the army are trying their best to get political support and reach a consensus on the war on terror. But many political, social and civil society leaders have strong objections to the strange behaviour of the Pakistan People’s Party as its members have been sitting in the assembly, listening to the briefings and then doing nothing and blindly supporting whatever their coincidental president orders. Others are compelled to say that they are not part of this discussion.

Again, this is a very sensitive juncture. The world is redefining it self and we have to keep pace with the world, otherwise we would be ignored and wiped out. We would be no where and no one. Even stone age would look better, if we carry on with our this streak of the affairs.

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