No Urgency Still

The in-camera briefing in the parliament, the slide shows, and the cosmetics briefings by the Sherry Rehman have gone nowhere and the nation is wondering as what to make of them. They were utterly useless and pretty much disappointing without yielding anything concrete.

Talking of national security and Pakistan’s strategic goals, the political leadership’s of the country at both national and the regional level is still very murky and based on vested interests .Their top priority was restoration of their rule, so that they could enjoy pelf and power. Therefore, the major two political parties and their leadership in exile focused on riddance from the rule of Musharraf. This goal was achieved as a result of the February elections and then Musharraf’s resignation in August.

After it’s all a downward slide, and there seems to be no end to this.

It’s very sad that both military and civilian leaders, including many important institutions of the state, could not formulate a well-coordinated national plan to curb the terrorism. Nation is still wondering.

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  1. My friend, please do not blame the mil for not formulating a policy. Atleast not for its role after the advent of the last govt. Yes, we are reaping the harvest of Mr Musharraf’s egoistic and pro-american policies, nevertheless, not only he is gone, his accomplices, most of them for that matter have also retired (thank god).
    Mt dejection is only due to the fact, that the change in strat, change in policy that was so violently promised by the democratic leaders, their rebuke for Musharaf for following US policies and their tall claims to reverse everything once in power, have still not seen the light of the day. The only reply whenever asked, what the policy is or going to be is …… It is not going to be that easy to undo everything that Mr Musharaf has done. It will take time. I personally think, that this govt will cont to blame the previous setup for the rest of its tenure and try to escape any solid policy decisions on any critical issue for that matter.
    What are they afraid of. They have the so called mandate, the sp of the people of pakistan. they used to flaunt that people of pakistan gate musharaf because of his policies and they need a change. When and where will that change come. They even do not have an answer to that. the only reply we get is …. the blame game on the previous set up ….
    If this govt had been any sincere to fighting the cause of Pakistan, they would have taken some serious steps towards it right on day one. Reversal of policies has not taken place as promised……. rather cont in them with more vigor is being seen.
    The army at this point in time is absolutely impartial. It is simply following orders, and awaiting new ones. Once the COAS briefed the PM,,, some time back, some general questioned that in one of the top brass mil conf to which the COAS had a very simple reply. We are subservient to the govt and are suppose to do what they tell us to do. Internal news from the army is that the COAS has issued an army wide order in writing, personally signed by him, promising severe consequences for anyone who even meets a political figure without the consent of the GHQ. Political leaders have been banned from visiting any mil establishment without the information of the COAS. Solid steps are being taken by the new mil top brass to eradicate the nuisance of Politics from the Army and Inshallah, the way things are rolling, they will be successful. The point of debate within the army is very simple…… Give us orders on what to do.
    The in camera briefing to the parliament by the army is a very positive effort to finally make those who are responsible, responsible. For today as well as the future. Whatever the outcome of the ongoing policy debates will be, Army will implement it in the true letter and spirit. And whatever the outcome will be, atleast Army will not be blamed for a debacle. The policy makers for once will have to bear the burden of taking a decision and then living up to it and be answerable to the people of Paksitan (something unheard of )
    thank you


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