No Surprises There

The leaders and cronies of PPP who think that the Nawaz Sharif and his league is pushing them to the wall are having it backwards. With the installation of chronic Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif hater Salman Taseer as the governor of Punjab, Zardari had sowed the seeds of acrimony, and one has to hand it over to the PMN-N to even then tag along with the PPP.

As the clock runs out for the new government just after some months, the Zardari and Gilani administration also is trying to open-up drilling all over the political scenario with half-hearted efforts, to make the matters worse, and to weaken the endangered economy by taking more and more loans without any thought of spending them and to paying them back. Though sad, it’s no surprise, coming as it does from the same crowd that was once heavily involved in the corruption and whose assets abroad are more than the national assets.

On the bright but deceptive day of 18th February, we the hapless people of Pakistan voted to take control of our own destiny by breaking our addiction to the false promises of dictator. What have we got now?

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