No Room for Disappointment, CJP

Flag hoisted, Slogans raised and praises accumulated and Chief Justice reinstated, now is the time to do some action and to placate the burning aspirations of the people of Pakistan who are excessively thirsty for the justice for the past 60 years. This has come just when the Pakistanis are about to commemorate the Pakistan resolution of 1940 on the 23rd March and when they are going to remember what their founder said as the vision for the country.

The national flag hoisting ceremony was held at the residence of the Chief Justice here today, where a large number of lawyers, members of civil society, political workers and the people cheered jubilantly. The chanted slogans, paid their homage to the national flag and then they raised slogans and then went back.

All done, now we have to see what is the essence of the liberated judiciary and whether CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry will cool his heels for a while , or will he act straight awary. NRO, missing people, and many other gaping cases are there for him to resolve and to show his mettle once again.

He must not disappoint the nation.

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