No one remains perfectly calm

No one would say that one remains perfectly calm. Well everyone has a lot of problems to deal with especially when one is a part of this society. These all make up stress and depression.

In Pakistan which is a developing country, everyone has to strive for its benefits. So tensions in the course of achieving goals accompany one all the times. With all these the fears are also involved as the fear of exams, fear of humiliation, and fear of other people and etc.

Some people take pills to kill depression or fears, or the pain killers when having head ache which is not the right way. Being aware to the tensions and fears, one should always think of ways to get relaxed when in stress.

I have noticed that when I am tired or tensed, my mood no more remains fine. There is a change in my behavior with others…..a bitter change. But what I do is that I lie down on bed and try to sleep. There are certainly a lot of ways to get relieved, so one should always look for the better ways.

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