No Escape

We, the Pakistanis may be famous for winning the 1992 world cup of Cricket in Australia, but we are more famous now for the crisis producing and crisis inducing country. Not many people know that we also make previous crisis look a rose garden when compared to the current crisis at any given time.

At one time, we fight for the flour and the other we are suffering from power shortage. Then we encounter the scourge of terrorism, and just after some time we plunge into dire situation when we aren’t getting gas or water anymore. Then there is the crisis of assassinations, or the looting, or the strike or the price hike, or the rigging or the judiciary or the media or the Cricket or of all the kinds.

The morbidly interesting thing is that the inception of a new crisis doesn’t really mean that the old crisis has finished or subsided. They all go simultaneously, and their pile is getting higher and higher as the time is passing. Our leaders simply shrug and say “My way or the Highway.”

Now as the Elections are looming large with lots of apprehensions and false hopes, candidates and their toady talking heads are tripping over each other to claim that they will wipe all the crisis out in a jiffy, and only they had the elixir for all the problems. PML-Q is the pick of the lot, when it shamelessly promises the nation that it will carry on with the best performance of the past years.

What strikes me most regarding all the candidates in my area, which is very revealing as either they are terribly naïve or have developed a stubborn sense of entitlement. Not only this self-righteous and feudal thinking has got Pakistan into never-ending chain of crisis, but also providing no way of escape.

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