No Danger to Peshawar

Marauding troops of the Lashkar-e-Islami of militant leader Haji Mangal Bagh are nowhere to be seen even near Peshawar lest within the Peshawar, and all that talk about Taliban advancing towards the Peshawar city proved to be shameless lies and just a pretext to launch operations.

In the backdrop of the operation against the Talibans in Khyber Agency and elsewhere, lots of donations, aids and F-16 are being given to the Pakistan, and Richard Boucher has been given free hand to monitor the activities. Anne W. Patterson is also fully involved in the briefings, and Rehman Malik is also present himself in Peshawar.

Baitullah Mehsud and other Taliban leaders have not only suspended the talks with the government,they have also threatened to resume the attacks in the different parts of Pakistan, and that is very alarming.

Pakistani nation didnt give the mandate of 18th February to repeat the performance of Musharraf regime, rather they wanted change and peace process to solve the situation.

But America is all supreme.

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