No Change in FATA

Operations are underway in the Khyber and Darra areas of the FATA, while the US drones are making their routine flights over the North Waziristan areas, and while our president is begging for more alms in the land of masters and henceforth is unsuccessful in garnering even a dollar.

The scheme of things in the tribal belt is changing everyday. Now the stakes are different and the intentions of the world powers have changed, and so are the roles of the partakers and the favorite ally in the war against terror is flabbergasted over the changed scenario.

Everything changed drastically since 9/11. The Taliban and the Al-Qaeda phenomena transformed the local culture, rewrote priorities, and threw up entirely new power structures displacing the old order, a process aided by the organizational incompetence and the conceptual paucity of the Musharraf regime when it came to dealing with Afghanistan and related Fata oriented initiatives.

The disastrous consequences of eagerly lapping up every desktop strategy handed down by Langley, the State Department and the White House combined are now more than evident. On a deeper level, nothing has changed fundamentally since the days of the Pervez Musharraf.

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